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Alison Kalantzis

Executive Assistant and Manager of Administrative Services

Colorado born & bred, with a case of wanderlust running through my adulthood. In pursuit of a B.A. English Literature & Geography I spent a year directly enrolled in a Scottish University, and traveled more widely in Europe.
I taught English in Greece after undergrad and while it wasn't right at the time to pursue a career abroad, the experience helped me focus further studies and I got an M.A. in Language & Communication back stateside.
I have spent my administrative career working for global organizations and continue to be interested in the connectivity of our world.

Jan. 28, 2022

Alison Kalantzis- An American Buying in Greece

Does owning a home in Greece sound like a good idea? Alison Kalantzis’ got you covered on today’s episode of The Real Estate Dipl…

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