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Nelson Rosario

Attorney at Law

Nelson is an attorney in Chicago, IL, USA, whose interests comprise law, innovation, cryptocurrencies and related blockchain based technologies, elections, good books, and a plethora of other topics. I have co-taught a law school class “Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and the Law,” at Chicago-Kent College of Law, and been a visiting professor at IE Law School based in Madrid, Spain.

In addition to helping clients protect their business and innovation, he enjoys brazilian jiu jitsu, spending time traveling with his family, reading and writing about the law, technology, and society, and debating the finer points of Arnold Schwarzenegger filmography.

March 12, 2023

The Future of Real Estate: Crypto, Blockchain, and Global Security wi…

Welcome to this week's episode of The Real Estate Diplomat. This episode was recorded on March 8, 2023, just a few days prior to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Many elements of this conversation lend more credence to the …

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