Does owning a home in Greece sound like a good idea? Alison Kalantzis’ got you covered on today’s episode of The Real Estate Diplomat! In this episode, Aaron Masliansky is joined by Alison Kalantzis to share how she ended up owning a home in Greece while living in Chicago. Alison shares her story on how she was able to travel during a good part of her education and her career further giving her background on different cultures and languages. Who knew that these opportunities will be the road to her owning property in Greece? Timezones, legalities, renovation, communication, are just some of the factors that may be able to get your interest in investing in Greece especially regarding ownership and property handling. There’s a lot to unpack in this episode so be sure to stay tuned!

Family connections help with the process:
During the time of the early pandemic, Alison and her husband got the chance to buy an apartment in Athens that was owned by her husband’s aunt. They got a great deal for the property as it was also not in optimal condition. They had help from her husband’s side of the family to get connections that helped them with the legal matters and even the renovation of the property. Updates on everything were done via email and that was actually already enough to be able to get the property and have it renovated without having to travel back and forth from Athens to Chicago. Her husband’s aunt actually worked as the head representative for the Agricultural Department for the Cyclades Islands which gave them the confidence that she’s not only comfortable but is also very well-informed about navigating bureaucracy in Greece.

Draw a Line with Family:
Alison opted not to have the apartment rented out because she doesn’t want to ask family to help her manage a tenant, and she was able to purchase the property at such a low price. Athens is also 8 hours ahead of Chicago which would make it difficult for her to be in regular communication with the tenant and family. Alison also suggests drawing the line on what you think your family should handle, and what an expert should handle, as this would save a lot of money, time, and energy. Keep listening for more information especially with the current state of Greece to help you decide whether Greece should be the next point of interest when investing.

About Alison Kalantzis:
Colorado-born & bred, with a case of wanderlust running through her adulthood. In pursuit of a B.A. English Literature & Geography, she spent a year directly enrolled in a Scottish University and traveled more widely in Europe. She taught English in Greece after undergrad and while it wasn't right at the time to pursue a career abroad, the experience helped her focus further studies and she got an M.A. in Language & Communication back stateside. She’s spent her administrative career working for global organizations and continues to be interested in the connectivity of our world.

Outline of the Episode:
● [02:56] Why set a global mindset
● [05:02] Alison’s background and what led her to Greece
● [10:45] How the pandemic shifted the need for office spaces
● [16:47] What the experience in Greece was like for Alison
● [22:15] The deal for the property in Athens
● [26:24] Renovation through connections
● [31:06] What state Greece is in
● [34:06] What to expect when managing properties in other timezones
● And many more!

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