Looking to invest in the Central American region? Ally Rodriguez will be sure to inform you about the know-hows today! In this episode, Aron Masliansky is joined by Ally Rodriguez to provide input in investing globally in Central America. Ally empowers people through education to learn how to buy international real estate, and find their fit. Ally also shares that the cultures of Central America are different than what you may be used to, and it can be refreshing. She speaks about Panama City where there’s a boardwalk that people go to just to be a part of a tribe in a collective community. There’s a lot to learn about the Central American culture and how to get there so stay tuned!

The career shift:
Ally shared that when she and her family moved to Belize, they didn’t have a solid plan on how to live. They didn’t have jobs, they sold everything they had in Texas, started a new life from scratch with the money they had. What struck Ally is that she likes the idea of teaching, coming from a background of teaching in a public school. Ally explored all different options for teaching from online to teaching in a school again, but it didn’t feel right anymore. After a couple of years of living in the island, Ally was offered the position where she can reach out to people who had the same situation as her and help them. The idea of meeting someone who has little idea of what they want to do other than needing a change of pace or environment, Ally fell in love with the job as it also allows her to educate and empower people to take the crucial first step into finding the paradise that they want and need.

The pandemic’s lesson about Central America:
Ally shares that one of the reasons why people from the US are moving into to Central America is to have a plan B in case a situation calls for the need to move. A common reason people move to Belize or Honduras is because they did not like how their country or government handled the pandemic. She also tells us how she was on a vacation in Honduras when the lockdowns started and was stuck there for five months!

About Ally Rodriguez:
Ally began her professional career as an elementary school teacher in Texas where she helped grow and shape young minds for over 10 years. Her tenure included many awards and recognitions for the dedication and support she provided to her students from many diverse and challenged backgrounds. In November 2017, she moved with her husband to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye after a brief trip to the island only a few months before. Her love of the warm Caribbean waters, friendly people, and rich culture immediately made her feel at home.

As Mrs. Rodriguez’s knowledge of the community and market grew, she found herself as the marketing manager for various businesses on the island where she discovered her desire to deliver information to tourists and locals alike, eventually connecting her with well-known real estate developers in the Central American region.

In May 2019, the adventurous souls held by both her and her husband couldn’t be contained and the love of the new culture and country led them to become permanent residents of Belize.
After holding the position of International Referral Network Director at ECI Devekopment for over 2 years, Ally and her husband decided it was time to spread their wings and position themselves to be able to help people from all walks of life in their desire to move to locations around the world.
Panama was the next stop on the list and in December of 2021, Ally along with her husband packed their bags and booked a one-way ticket to the Bridge of the Americas. Upon arriving and settling in, she co-founded a consulting business to offer first-hand advice, experience, and services to people wanting to relocate to Central America and beyond!
Through this new business, she has teamed up with the Velarium Group to head up the sales department for the award-winning communities designed by EcoVillages.Life.

Outline of the Episode:
[03:14] Ally’s background and the move to Belize
[10:16] How the pandemic made a way for Ally
[19:56] Why are people choosing to move into Central America
[21:45] Integrating into society and culture in Panama
[25:43] Panama as a global hub
[29:25] How to keep your paradise, a paradise
[31:34] Ally’s present workload
And many more!


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