When people think about Cambodia, they usually only have pictures of a third-world country that used to be under civil war and a rogue government. Typically, people would have the common concepts of poverty and underdevelopment attached to the country whenever it is brought up. But is that narrative still valid up to this very day? From the eyes and experiences of Agnes Yang, it most certainly is an outdated view. And that’s because, in this episode of The Real Estate Diplomat, Agnes Yang shares her experience as an endorser of the Cambodian real estate industry in Japan. She speaks about how Cambodia reinvented itself throughout the years, how it manages to attract interest and support from multiple countries, how its friendly and positive culture influence the love of foreign tourists, residents, and businesses, and how Agnes’ company, GCC Japan, sees the budding opportunities of real estate in the country. We also speak with her boyfriend Michael Danzella, who is an American living in Japan. We get to hear about his experience as well. As always, there’s a lot to unpack in today’s episode, so tune in and enjoy!

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