Have you ever heard of “global real estate”? No worries! Most people weren’t even aware of it until working with international clients became more accessible. And you’re in luck because, in today’s episode of The Real Estate Diplomat, we have Jakeeva Lee, the External Affairs Manager for the Chicago Association of Realtors and Manager of Industry and Global Relations for Illinois Realtors to share her experience connecting realtors and consumers worldwide. She has also helped countless professionals work with clients in acquiring and managing properties globally. So, whether you are looking to buy for investment, retirement, or remote work, global real estate has plenty of opportunities that you may want to look into. And there’s a lot to take away from this episode, so stay tuned and enjoy the show!

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Jakeeva Lee’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakeeva-lee/

Chicago Association of Realtors Global Real Estate Council- https://chicagorealtor.com/groups-and-networks/global/

Illinois Realtors Global Business Council- https://www.illinoisrealtors.org/membership/realtor-communities/global/

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