Commercial real estate is a major driver for foreign direct investment into the United States. Today, Aaron Masliansky is joined by Marc Tropp to share information about commercial lending and how the service can definitely help people that are looking to invest or buy properties, whether they are from the US or abroad. Aaron and Marc have known each other since high school and now are both working in the same field. Marc will share more on the general sense of commercial lending and what he thinks will be the future for commercial property investment. Be sure to stay tuned because there’s a lot to discuss in this episode!

The realm of commercial lending (2:50):
Marc starts by explaining what commercial lending is. This includes industrial property, hotel, office, multi-family residential and more. Commercial lenders, as Marc shared, work together with reall estate brokers to better understand the current landscape of the marketplace.

Commercial lenders as global bridges (23:07):
Just before this interview, Marc was on the phone with a client from Singapore that would like to buy an apartment building in the US. He shares that typically non-US citizen clients will look for a lower leverage deal. Marc then shares what he would do in these cases to lower the risks and provide clients a way to recoup their finances. Marc further shares that it’s currently a trend for international investors looking for US properties and acknowledges that the world really is getting more connected especially in terms of business. Whenever Marc is being asked why the US is doing significantly better in the market, his opinion is because the safest place to be putting in money and potentially growing it is in America. He shares more about the American market and why it’s safer to invest in, and the state of other countries such as China in this episode!

About Marc Tropp:
Senior Managing Director at Eastern Union. Financed over $1 billion in properties of all types. Experience working with a wide range of lending institutions including community banks, CMBS, life companies, and institutional investors. Introduce new lenders to the DC-Metro area and surrounding markets, resulting in increased and consistently robust production for Eastern Union’s Bethesda office. Experience executing complicated deals, including a hotel conversion with an EB-5 component and an equity stake raised for a retail legend’s 239th retail purchase. Recognized by the Commercial Observer in 2014 in its annual top ”Brokers and Lenders on the Rise” feature honoring 25 national executives under 35 years of age.

Outline of the Episode:
● [02:44] The premise of commercial lending
● [04:48] Fund sourcing for projects
● [06:35] The trend in commercial lending
● [12:07] More about the scope of work and services
● [22:58] How lenders help non-US citizens
● [29:02] Developments in China and will it affect the US
● And many more!

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