If you’re in Japan and are interested in investing in the US, or vice-versa, this is the episode you need! You’re in luck because for today’s episode we have Stephen J Anderson, the Commercial Attache for the US Embassy in Japan.

He’s here to discuss how his line of work turn opportunities into realities, and make sure that the people beginning on their ventures are properly guided and aware of the details of the environment they’re entering for their start-ups, be it from Japan to the US or the other way around.

This episode will give you a background on the Japanese setup, relationship with the US, and a glimpse of what ventures may be best to consider when targeting Japan as your businesses’ next location.


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About Stephen J Anderson:

Took a graduate program at MIT, had an environment with Urban Planners, finished his Master's Degree in Massachusetts, had a clear idea in mind that he wants to work on a project in Japan, which led him back to Tokyo to do research. Researched political process, policy process in Japan wrote a book about the welfare state in japan, had a tenured job in the International University of Japan, and Asia Pacific University decided he wasn't quite sure he wanted to be an academic his whole career, got to meet people after a presentation from the chamber of commerce, people interested in business, the people who attended his presentation were commercial officers. He entered the dept. Of commerce as a commercial officer.

As a child, lived in Germany so he already had a background in living in other countries, being in a foreign office did not give him a hard time transitioning since he already has an idea of what it's like to live overseas. Principal commercial officer of the consulate in Nagoya for 4 years and is currently the Commercial Attache’ in the US Embassy in Japan.

Outline of the Episode:
[01:50] About Stephen J Anderson and his background
[04:45] Point-of-contact for business in Japan
[07:50] How to become a foreign service officer
[10:15] Stephen’s background on overseas living
[13:34] Angles to consider when choosing where to invest
[17:14] How to navigate your investments through the pandemic
[19:28] Importance of cultural clues when doing business
[20:47] How a commercial attache’ supports businesses
[21:58] The USA-Japan business relationship
[25:19] Forecasts of which opportunities will open in Japan
[27:38] Locality as a challenge to being foreign business-ready in Japan
[28:59] Decongesting cities to economize rural areas
[30:12] Small towns as startup areas for digital nomads
[33:20] Where to start when putting up a business in Japan
[35:16] The real function of a US Embassy office


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenjanderson2012

Article: https://web.mmac.org/events/Lunch-w-the-Japanese-Commercial-Attache-Stephen-Anderson-855/details

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